Considering importing a Motorcycle or Scooter from overseas?

With years of experience and expertise, Genesis Freight Services Ltd is the right logistics partner for you.

Restored Vehicle?

GFS deals with restored vintage Scooters/Motorbikes from all major ports worldwide. Including sidecars or multiple bikes consolidated.

Spare parts

If you find a bargain overseas and want to import in to the UK, get in touch with GFS. Even if its spare parts, we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

New Purchase

If you’re considering a new commercial purchase, GFS experts should be your first port of call. We provide a complete door-to-door service.

Fast and seamless experience!

Click on the below GFS 5 STEPS to import success.

1. The Purchase
2. Documents
3. Payment
4. The Delivery

Step 1: Understanding the terms of purchase


Before completing your overseas purchase, discuss and finalise the intended shipping terms with your supplier.

The terms are referred to as: International Commercial Terms (or INCO Term for short).

This term defines the charges/responsibilities shared between you and your supplier. There will be a three letter INCO term shown on the invoice from your supplier.

→ Please refer to:

If termed EXW/FOB – we manage the entire movement from collection through to door delivery.

Get it touch with Genesis Freight Services Ltd for advice and guidance on the best term/solution to use for your shipment.

Step 2: Obtaining the shipping documents


Once shipment is booked, your supplier should courier to you the below documents. Ensure they are posted to Genesis Freight Services Ltd at your earliest convenience:

  • Bill of Lading also known as a Multimodal Transport Document (MTD) – Must send Original
  • Commercial Invoice/Packing listYou can send copy
  • Form A (the certificate of origin) – You should send original
  • Please don’t send any vehicle registration forms/log books – These are for your records

Incase any delay, contact your supplier immediately to request them. As the UK importer, you must ensure you have all the necessary documents ready for cargo import arrival. Contact us for help.

Before posting, you can scan a copy to Genesis Freight Services Ltd to ensure you have the right documents

Step 3: What will I be pay and when?


As mentioned earlier, familiarise yourself with the INCO term under which you purchase your cargo.

If you have already shipped your cargo – it is likely your shipment has been transported on CFR basis This term dictates that the buyer is liable for UK-side Handling charges, whilst your supplier has paid for the Indian-side Handling charges and the freight.

In essence, you will ultimately pay two invoices, one for UK Charges and a second for UK Taxes. Get in touch with Genesis Freight Services Ltd to ensure the Customs Formalities have been filed correctly and you are not over-paying any taxes.

It is strongly recommended that you request GFS for a quote to attend to the customs clearance/delivery formalities on your behalf.

Step 4: When will I get my delivery?


If the shipment has been shipped through GFS and one of our overseas partners, we will monitor the whole door to door movement. From the moment it departs to door delivery.

If not initially shipped through GFS, the good news is we can still look after the shipment for you from arrival UK port to door delivery and provide you the guidance you need.

Shipping transit time is normally 3-4 weeks subject to Origin Country. Once arrived in the UK, we will arrange customs clearance – one of our GFS experts will be in touch and ensure we deliver on a day workable for you.

You can also choose Add-on services, which means you can choose a “timed delivery” service or even add “Tail lift” to assist offload.

Step 5: What’s next for me?


The great thing about working with Genesis Freight Services Ltd is that we are an experienced shipper of Scooter/Motorcycles.

We will provide all relevant documents to assist you in obtaining your NOVA notification number quickly and have your brilliant new motor DVLA registered.

Save yourself the hassle and headache, call Genesis Freight Services Ltd today and let us help you with a door to door solution. Let us work hard for you!

Contact Genesis Freight Services Ltd for a quote before cargo is shipped, to benefit from the biggest cost-savings!

Quotation Request


The quotation form is made as simple as possible, without all the technicalities or shipping jargon.

Every shipment is different and is treated with individual care at Genesis Freight Services Ltd. Try us out and experience it for yourself. Whether its one shipment or regular movement, your custom is the most important thing for us and we will do our absolute best to exceed your expectations.

If your supplier has already shipped the cargo and sent you a copy of the Bill of Lading, please email us a copy so we can help track the shipment.


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    With GFS, you’ll get a single point of contact who will keep you updated throughout the process.

  • 24/7 Contact

    Booking with GFS means we are always available, average response within 1 hour anyday/anytime.

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