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Want to Import/Export a Vehicle?

GFS offers expert service in importing and exporting various cars, supercars and luxury cars into and from the UK. We deal with shipments from all over the Middle East including Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – and over 180 major ports worldwide.

Our Services

ATA Carnet

Using an ATA Carnet?

With an ATA Carnet you can transport your car with optimal ease. GFS provides a personal, easy and straight forward service. Get in touch for more information.

Temporary Import

Here for a holiday or visit?

If you’re in UK for a visit or just a holiday and want us to help you importing and clear your vehicle for under six months, we can help provide a very smooth service with a personal touch.

Personal Vehicle

Moving home?

If you are moving home from an international address, we can help. Get in touch with one of our experienced staff and we can guide you through the paperwork and reduce the complicated customs procedures in to a simple and straight forward delivery.

Commercial Purchase

Have you purchased a car from overseas?

We can help with the paperwork and guide you with timely updates from door to door delivery. A complete solution, one-stop shop – take all the complications away by speaking to one of our experts today.

Air Freight

Have an urgent air freight?

We offer a rapid service, we handle air freight from all major UK Airports and arrange a complete customs clearance service through to door delivery via a specialist car transporter. Get in touch today.

Sea Freight

Shipping a car via sea freight?

We have facilities at all major UK sea ports, handling, loading and lashing safely your vehicle in a safe shipping container and moved on a reliable transit to over 180 ports worldwide. For a trusted and reliable service, contact one of our experts today.

RORO - Roll on, Roll off

Need a RORO service?

Our high-quality roll-on, roll-off shipping service is backed up by an experienced team, who will advise you and take care of all your export customs clearance requirements.

  • Export/Import documentation

  • Transport via Air or Sea Freight

  • Port handling, warehouse unloading

  • Professional secure lashing

  • Compliance with strict safety regulations

  • Customs clearance formalities

Try us out, don’t take our word for it!

Request a quote today

شحن السيارات من و إلى بريطانيا

بما لدينا من تغطية واسعة في مجال الشحن الجوي فإن جينسس فريت للشحن توفر خدمات الشحن الجوي للصادر والوارد حول العالم بصورة مهنية وفي إطار زمني فعّال. تتعامل جينسس فريت للشحن مع شحناتك التي تتأثر بعامل الزمن بصورة فورية بحيث يتم الحجز مباشرة بعد طلب العميل وبأسعار تنافسية.

من الباب إلى الباب
من المطار إلى المطار
من الباب إلى المطار
من المطار إلى الباب
للحجز او للاستفسار يرجي الاتصال بالارقام الآتية

EMAIL: imports@genesisfreight.co.uk
CALL: 00448712887559

ولدينا دلفري من و إلى معظم المدن في بريطانيا كذلك توفر لك جينسس فريت للشحن خدمة نقل سيارتك. الشاحنات، الدراجات النارية، فإننا نقوم بكل إجراءات المعاملة الجمركية والقانونية إلى الوجهة المقصودة

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