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    With constant changes to compliance rules, don’t risk your shipment with inexperienced agents – choose GFS!

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GFS can help ship your cargo to any UK Amazon Fulfilment Center

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Amazon ships 2100 items every 60 seconds, choose GFS to boost your business!

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There’s a huge surge in the number of clients requiring FBA shipping. Don’t miss out!

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Genesis Freight Services Ltd can import your cargo from all major ports worldwide!


  • Compliance with UK Taxes

    Guidance on how to register for UK VAT for overseas sellers, including reclaim of UK VAT and obtaining EORI number

  • Warehousing Services

    We can assist with goods labelling and palletising as per Amazon specification, an absolute necessity if there is any compliance issue from your supplier.

  • Delivery Compliance

    Our quotations are in line with Amazon requirements, which means a “time delivery” service is included to all the FBA centres in the UK.

  • Service Reliability

    Essential to business progress. GFS provides a reliable and regular LCL service from all major ports to UK.

  • Amazon Expertise

    GFS staff have many years experience handling FBA shipments and deliveries. This means GFS can guide you on the most cost-effective and optimal service for your cargo.

  • Documentary Compliance

    GFS provides a professional service, which means complete documentation to satisfy FBA Requirements.


What size is your shipment?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship from China?

Yes we do. Infact, we ship from all major ports worldwide.

Do I need a VAT number?

Yes. To import goods to the UK and sell on Amazon, you need a VAT number. We have created a short guide on how to get one if you are outside the UK.

Do I have to arrange the customs entry myself?

No, we have that covered. We will work with UK customs directly to file all necessary documents throughout the import process and provide you the final entry documents (for reference).

When does Genesis Freight Services Ltd get involved?

Once your shipment is close to being finished/manufactured (typically 1-2 weeks out), we get in contact with your supplier directly to arrange the shipping details. We keep you informed throughout the process.

When do I pay?

Once the shipment has arrived to UK Port, our clearance team will be in touch with the relevant payable invoices including when and how they need to be settled.

What if my order size changes?

Not a problem, get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll revise the quote accordingly.

What is better - Air Freight or Sea Freight?

Its subject to how urgent you need the goods on sale. Generally, our customers opt for Sea Freight to enjoy economies of scale – bigger purchase for cheaper overall costs per unit.

How to get started?

Spend your valuable time growing your business, not worrying about logistics.


1. Register for Tax

After finding a supplier who meets Amazon’s product required specifications (click here), register for UK VAT to avoid penalties.


2. Get a GFS quote

Obtain a competitive quote from Genesis Freight Services Ltd. Do this online here or speak to one of our experts on 0871 288 7559


3. Place your Order

Book your shipment with Genesis Freight Services Ltd, the entire movement will now be seamlessly arranged and monitored for you.


Getting your FBA Shipping quote

Genesis Freight Services Ltd is constantly looking for ways to help buyers/sellers be more successful. We have made our “Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)” shipping service as simple and as cost effective as possible.

Genesis Freight Services Ltd has the knowledge and experience to deal with the strict Amazon requirements, which can sometimes end up costing shippers a huge amount in penalties.

Let GFS  transport your consignment from your supplier to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the UK where they are seamlessly received and online for sale in no time at all.

1. Find supplier who meets Amazon Specifications.

2. Register for UK VAT

3. Obtain GFS competitive shipping rate

4. Book your shipment with GFS

5. GFS will provide regular updates up to delivery

  • Sea Freight

    Shipping by sea is one of the easiest ways to scale your FBA business. Beat out the competition with lower per-unit-cost and save more upfront.

  • Air Freight

    Need your products in-stock fast but don’t want to pay the high cost of an air express carrier, try AIR FREIGHT! Much less time than sea freight and only a fraction of the cost of expensive carriers.

Other GFS Cargo Services