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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

At GFS we want to make sure our customers are equipped all the general knowledge they need to work their way through our Logistics and Supply Chain services. Below are answers to a set of commonly asked questions:

What are the different terms of shipment?

There are a number of different Terms of Shipment, which were updated in 1990 by the International Chamber of Commerce. These are all shown in the ICC Web Site.

How do we start doing business with Genesis?

Just contact your local office and we will be happy to provide a quotation on your shipment.

Can we open an account?

Simply complete our Credit Application form and subject to status we can grant up to 30 days credit.

Do you have an office near me?

Genesis are supported by a global network of like-minded Forwarding Agents and Brokers. Get in touch, we’re close-by.

Can you arrange all the documentation that will be required for our international shipment?

Our staff are well-trained in the relevant documentary requirements for international trade, including Letters of Credit, and will be pleased to offer expertise on any specific request.

Will you arrange pickup from our warehouse and delivery at the other end through to our customer?

Genesis provide a comprehensive door to door service including clearing goods through the Customs formalities for both export and import worldwide.

Can you liaise with our suppliers and improve the efficiency of our supply-chain?

Genesis has proven experience in co-ordinating shipments from multiple suppliers to meet the timeframe of our customer.

Where is our shipment and when will it be delivered?

Genesis uses the latest technology to monitor all shipments and keep customers information up to date.

How much Duty/Tax is payable?

Through our global network we are able to offer expert advise local duty and tax liabilities on almost any product in all major destinations of the world.

How much notice do you need to arrange collection?

Genesis always takes a flexible approach and your local office will be happy to make the most suitable arrangements to meet your needs.

How much do you charge?

Genesis mission is to provide the highest quality service with unquestionable value for money. Please test us out and request a quotation.

Who do we talk to?

We value the personal touch in business relations. We will appoint a single point of contact, who will, we hope, soon become a good friend whilst ably assisting you in meeting your objectives.


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