Customs Brokerage Service

For peace of mind Genesis Freight Services has a dedicated customs team who are confident and competent in classifying goods based on HMRC tariff codes. Some examples include foodstuffs, chemicals, petrochemicals, textiles, machinery, automotive parts and many other commodities to name but a few.

Continuous improvement is very important to Genesis Freight Services and our dedicated team carry out each customs entry with attention to detail. The customs team is well trained and experienced in complying with UK/EU legislation as well as other trade agreements.

Due to our wide experience in handling different kinds of cargoes, our customs team include trained and experienced personnel having good working relations with customs officials and well versed with the rules and regulations governing imports and exports into and out of the UK, ensuring trouble free and quick documentation.

The below are some examples of what Genesis Freight Services specialise in:

  • Customs Duty & VAT calculations

  • Customs Freight Simplified Procedure (SFD)

  • HMRC tariff code classification

  • Port health, x-rays, customs inspections, forestry commission

  • Export customs entries

  • Import customs clearance

  • E-filing for future HMRC audits

  • Inward Processing Relief / Free Circulation